So what is Social Commerce? How can this new buzz word help my small business? I want in, what can I do? All these questions will be answered…

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Over time we hope to help you make a living online. This blog is about informing people how they can succeed in this new digital tradr world. Tradr will be continously developing tools to help buyers and sellers, all info will be released here. So stay tuned 🙂

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Tradr is all about making it smarter, easier and more effective for you to provide products or services to your target market.

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The Tradr marketplace, The Tradrsphere, is where you can find these great offerings from people who are passionate about what they’re providing. Here at Tradr you can engage with shop owners/service providers, research what they provide, talk with their previous customers, and even make a purchase.

So what is Social Commerce?

So what is Social Commerce?

  • Social commerce is about connecting social communication about a specific product with a direct conversion to sale. It is about buying a product directly from the wall, from a tweet, or from a blog post.
  • Social commerce is about selling (remarkable products worth talking about) and (facilitating) the sharing (of remarkable products worth talking about)
  • Social commerce is not about creating a shop on Facebook. It is about linking sharing to the direct sale of a product.
  • Social commerce is primarily a post-conversion tactic, using the power of sharing to grow
  • Social commerce is product-centric commerce, not store- focused (or brand or campaign focused) – because people share products, not stores
  • Social commerce is about creating a virtuous cycle of sharing to buying to sharing to…

Thanks to Thomas Baekdal for the above points – extracts from his new book. Check it out if you want.

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