1 week. Shop local only. Could you do it?    #shoplocal #localbusinessonly

If you are living in Waterloo, then people like Juliana Gomez will tell you, YES YOU CAN.

She did it for a week last year.

This year it is on again between 13th September and 19th September 2015.

If you’re not from Waterloo, would your community support this cause?

Gomez skipped the big chain coffee store (“Starbucks”) and only shopped at farmers markets and locally owned restaurants.

“You really have to define local for yourself,” she said. So participants can choose what “eat, shop and play” local means to them.

“It brings our community together,” Gomez said.


Over fifty-five local businesses are signed up to participate and over 200 community members have agreed to take the pledge.

Check out the Live Local KW website here.


Does your community have this? Sign in to leave your comment below – perhaps together we can make this happen in your home town!


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