Pop Up Retail Store

In order to gain trust from an online shopper a retailer can set up a physical pop-up store.

A pop-up store is a temporary physical display of your products or services. You can usually achieve this in public markets, shopping malls and at festivals. You can gain credibility by giving your customer a physical place to visit you and prove that you exist and are not a scam artist.

The main benefits of a quick pop-up store for an online retailer is:

  • Physical proof of your existence
  • Utilise your physical store to sell off old stock and generate cash flow.
  • From your physical store you can promote your online store (cards, flyers)
  • Get immediate feedback on your new products

What do you have to do?

Establish a yearly plan of what vendors and dates your pop-up store will be in operation

Contact property managers, festival organisers and retail landlords to lock in short-term site leases.

Stick to your pop-up strategy by not staying in one location for over a month to retain the exciting appeal.

Start promoting your pop-up store at least a month ahead by contacting local blogs, council websites and using Tradr Events!

Here’s to your commerce success!



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