Steve Jobs is a Legendary Story TellerSell a Product by Selling Your Story

Provide social proof of the product by telling a story that is both interest, and has a human angle to it.

There is a lot of information out there about how Steve Jobs tells a story about the experience of using Apple products. Just Google it.

You can also check out the following articles on product description writing.

How Can You Tell a Story When You Sell a Product on Tradr? 

James Avery Jewellery do this well in their product descriptions. Check them out.

Story Selling Social Commerce


The Peer Power Revolution

Shoppers look for social proofBuyers have the power – the power of choice. The power to choose which product from which supplier along with a variety of accessories.

When you add multiple buyers, hundreds and hundreds of people enjoying the same product, a funny thing happens.

People who have not made their decision on what to purchase, often look to what others have bought.

Shoppers look for social proof.

If thousands of people have recently bought this item, it has 5 star reviews, and is at the top sellers list – you can bet more will follow.

Why wouldn’t they? Other people have already proven that the product is good, it works, it was a perfect fix for their problem.

Social Commerce Activities

Wish Lists | Customer Reviews | Story Sharing | Recommendations | Popularity


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