Social Commerce – helping people to connect where they buy and buy where they connect

Social Commerce Customer Service

Helping Your Customer Helps You

Provide your shoppers with useful tools that will help them make better choices. You can also provide them with a better retail experience. If you beat their shopping expectations you will attract loyal customers, they will purchase and repurchase.  They will also advocate your shop and through word of mouth, give you more customers.

Reaching Your Target Market Inexpensively

Social Commerce on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter

Social Commerce allows brands and retailers to sell where their customers are spending their time. Online, that means on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The more you interact with your customers on these platforms the more traffic you will get and expand your market reach. As these platforms are generally low cost, if not free, the only expense you are incurring is time.

Social Shopping Psychology

Smart social shoppers are constantly learning from the knowledge and experience of other people they know and/or trust. It has also been found that customers tend to ignore most of the information available when shopping. Instead, they make intuitive decisions based only off a few principles.

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How to Social Commerce - Inside Social Shopping




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