One key to success for a small business website is getting more visitors. But this is easier said than done. Although it is not necessarily complex, such job requires commitment. In addition to that, you have to face the challenges presented by your competitors. This is why it is important that you have defined your goals and strategies to apply. Here are a few tips to help you:


  1. Have a target audience. If you are operating locally, make sure that you target local market. Define keywords that will help your site have better ranking when customers in your area look for services you offer online. You can use tools like AdWords. This way, your site will attract the right market.
  2. Make your home page interesting. It is not enough that internet users click on your page. It is crucial that they stay on your page and learn about what you offer. This makes your landing page very important. It should be brief and clear about what you offer. It should be easy to navigate as well. Informative posts like images and videos will also keep your visitors interested.
  3. Link your site with your social network pages and accounts. Do not forget to link your site with these portals. Most of your visitors would have heard about you from these sites. Besides, it would be easier to advertise your business and inform your customers about your business promos through Facebook, Twitter and the like. You can also visit blogs and comment on discussions or forums, make sure that you link your site every time you leave a comment.
  4. You have to be credible as well. Your attractive site and fancy page will not guarantee long term success unless you have established credibility. You can post a video of you in action. Have testimonials of your previous customers and post some of your certificates or proof of your achievements and standards.
  5. Be active online. You cannot be passive and expect people to notice. If you receive questions, try to answer them right away. If there are comments, complaints and suggestions, address them right away. Your site will allow you to reach your customers easier and faster. In addition to that, be active in various pages. Of course, you have to choose sites, portals and forums with a large number of participants to reach a large number of viewers.

Getting more listings is essential for the success of your website. To do this you have to identify your target market. Specific market is crucial if you have a local market. It is also vital that your site remains attractive and interesting. Creating pages and accounts in various social networking sites will also help you achieve your goal. However, your customer will only continue to patronize your site if you have credibility. Finally, stay active online so that you will remain visible.


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  1. lizahechanova

    Good post to start the year with. Hope I can start my plans this year. It’s hard to work nowadays and the fact that your income can solely fit for your basic needs, a small business would really be great for this year.

    1. lizahechanova

      This would be a busy year, been waiting for your post especially about small business tips. I hope everything will go fine this year.