As you know, Tradr is here to help small business cut costs, make more sales and become successful. That’s the topic of this blog post:

How to Cut Costs for Your Small Business in 2012

A typical business owner has kids + mortgage + business + a couple of staff to manage. The biggest issue is the lack of time to pain stakingly compare multiple offers for technology solutions, marketing campaigns, supplier agreements, legal issues, bookkeeping, strategic planning… on and on.

We want to help with the technology and marketing, but I’ll get to that later. What’s with the 2012? Well, I will drop in and update this for the year of 2012, then release a new compilation of money saving tips for small business next year!

Save Money with Online Stuff

Storing your documents can be expensive, but in 2012 it doesn’t have to be. There is a growing amount of options for storing your documents ‘in the cloud’. Dropbox works on all your current computers and smart mobile phones so you can access any file on the move. You get 2GB for free and if you refer people you get some more space. Microsoft’s Skydrive gives you 7GB for free. Apple iCloud gives you 5GB but it only works with Apple devices with the same Apple ID and it only handles Apple files (keynote, pages, numbers, iOS backups, app settings). Google drive also gives you 5GB and allows you to upload whatever file you want to it. You can also secure your files using free encryption in particularly TrueCrypt is pretty awesome. Mozy gives you 2GB.

This is where Tradr steps in. We can get your commerce website up and running for as little as $6 per month with Tradr Pro Shops – no setup fee, no contracts. If you live in Cronulla, NSW, Australia you can enjoy our local  tradr site too, where you can get affordable business listings and event listings.

Graphic Design

99 Designs allows you to crowdsource to get your logo built. Basically, you specify a project and multiple designers bid on it by submitting their design. The project runs out of time and you choose your favourite submission. It costs roughly $300 – $500 and you have to review 100 submissions and provide feedback to get a good design made. A few hundred is worth it when you can have 30+ designers competing with each other for the best quality outcome.

Business Services

A project management tool is super important when you are geographically apart from your employees. A great free solution for PM is They allow you to assign tasks to others that are embedded within a project, allow discussions, file attachments and notifications. The best thing is they have mobile apps, web login and desktop apps. So you can tell your employees (who have a smartphone) to download it for free and I will send you jobs. Very cool.

Managing Your Money

Start using online accounting services such as QuickBooks OnlineXero or Saasu. They generally offer online accounting, bank syncing, invoicing and a fixed monthly fee.

Recruiting Staff

Stick a “We are Hiring – Apply Within” piece of paper on your window. Make sure you interview your candidate to make sure they fit with you, your existing team and if they are capable of what you want them to do. Check their resume and call their referrals. Next, you can Google search their name – it is free, you can pull up their social network profiles and get an idea of their personality and behaviour. Consider to yourself if you can do the job? Is there a smarter way to do this role/task?

If you can offer more on great and affordable services for small business to get ahead with, feel free to comment below.

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