A recent survey found several reasons why consumers engage businesses via social channels. The most important reason? To receive exclusive offers…

Why do Consumers Engage with Brands through Social Channels?

  • Be eligible for exclusive offers (67 percent);
  • Interact with other consumers and compare experiences (60 percent);
  • Find games, contests, and other unique experiences (57 percent);
  • Find service and support from their social networking site (50 percent);
  • Share ideas for new products and features (41 percent).

What does the modern online consumer want?

“The bottom line is that consumers want more – more experiences, more engagement, more rewards, and more reasons to connect with each other and brands through social media,” said the CMO Council study, which concluded that “brands are missing the boat.”

The study found that social consumers demand more, and will go out of their way, to choose brands with loyalty and advocacy programs. “When they are acknowledged, rewarded, and offered relevant information and special experiences, they become exceedingly loyal and go out of their way to help the brand meet key business drivers – like better customer support, faster innovation, and increased demand and awareness,” the study found.

Study Source from the CMO Council

What does the Modern Business Need to Do? 

  • Deeper engagement with each other and the brand;
  • Purposeful engagement with social support and ideation;
  • More rewards with special offers, greater privilege, rank, and reputation;
  • Better experiences with games, contests, and other online engagement apps.

Why Use Tradr to Host Your Online Business?

  • We encourage user participation through a rank and reputation system
  • We help small business get online with Pro Shops shopfronts.
  • We provide the marketplace for social commerce

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