How Does Western Australia Rank in the Waste World?

The fresh stats have just come in from the WA Waste Authority in Tradr’s home town. You can read the full presentation here but here are the key takeaways.


Although Australia in general is doing a lot to fight growth in waste disposals,Western Australia is actually the biggest waste generators out of all Australian states. We are in fact, higher than the Australia average, coming in at 7.18kg per person per day. That is higher than the global average of 1.2kg of waste per person per day!

If you add that up over a year, each Western Australian generates 2623 kg’s of waste. Two and a half tonnes.


When compared to other states in Australia, we are also send the second highest amount of waste to landfill at 1,358 kilograms/capita per annum and have equal second lowest rate of resource recovery at 48 per cent.

The good news (yes there is some) is that the amount of waste Western Australian’s are sending to landfill is slowly coming down. At Tradr, we hope to help humanity eliminate waste completely and recycle everything!

Stay tuned!

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