At Tradr, we make it super easy and affordable for small business to get online and make sales. Thanks to the powerful and intuitive website design platform by WPMUDEV that cost over 1 million dollars to develop, you can drag-and-drop and edit all of your website’s content on the front-end. It is super-easy to change font, type content, drag in images and create unlimited pages. Creating a site takes less than 5 minutes and you can get started at Tradr for absolutely no money down. It is that simple.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Website Building

The Tradr platform is based on the Upfront website design platform developed by WPMUDEV. Please view their in-depth tutorial on how to modify the Spirit theme design template into looking the ‘Parrot’ demo (comparison screenshot below). This is aimed at business owners with intermediate level of technical experience.

This tutorial will help you build your own website anyway you want it! It is always free to design your site here at Tradr and we are making it easier every day. Here is an example of what you can do quite quickly and will be the objective of this tutorial.

1. The Basics, Theme Colors and Typography

  • Worked out how to delete, move and resize elements like images and text areas
  • How to update all the theme colors to match the branding for our new site
  • Update all the type elements (H1, H2, P, etc) with new typefaces and sizes
  • How to add custom fonts

View Tutorial One

2. Structuring Your Site with Regions

  • Delete a bunch of regions to reshape the layout of our site
  • Update the header region to display our own image
  • How to add a full width video

View Tutorial Two

It is super easy to embed videos into your website pages, along with anything else you can imagine.

3. Laying Out Your Site with Elements

  • How to delete elements from the template that you don’t need
  • Adding and styling text elements to the header, main body of the homepage and footer.
  • Replace the Spirit logo with the new logo for our site.
  • Adding new buttons.
  • Adding new images to the header, main body of the homepage and the footer.

View Tutorial Three

4. Tweaking Elements and Custom Code

  • Modify any part of your website via CSS coding. There are plenty of CSS fixes for anything you need to do, you just have to Google it!
  • Add CSS animations to the Gallery, Image and Button elements
  • Styling links and blockquotes
  • Design your own content divider using Code Element.

View Tutorial Four

5. Adding Plugins and Styling Gravity Forms

  • How to style other items such as appointments to suit your website design
  • How to add an email subscribe form to your site
  • How to add a booking calendar to your website

View Tutorial Six

6. Creating Responsive Websites

Upfront provides a seamless experience for users viewing a site on any device, but more importantly it makes it easy for people to quickly create a responsive site with just a few adjustments to their original site.
View Tutorial Six

7. Working with Pages and Posts

Tutorial Seven coming soon!


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