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Sustainable Product Spotlight – Bikes Made From 100% Recycled Material

Whilst on your mission to achieve 100% recycled 0% waste and globally enable the circular economy, you have to have a break and do something fun. Live a little. Try going for a cruise on one of these bikes made … Read More

Aussie Government Mandates 100% Reusable or Recycled Packaging by 2025

Another day, another recycling crisis headline for Australia. On Friday, the 27th April 2018, the Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg announced that the way out of Australia’s “Recycling Crisis” is to mandate that all packaging be sustainable by 2025. Other … Read More

How Does Western Australia Rank in the Waste World?

The fresh stats have just come in from the WA Waste Authority in Tradr’s home town. You can read the full presentation here but here are the key takeaways.   Although Australia in general is doing a lot to fight growth … Read More

Introducing the “Maker Movement” – Decentralised Sustainable Production is Coming!

  Thanks Elisabeth Loose for introducing the Maker Movement concept. This is truly the future of Decentralised Sustainable Production! There a multiple new innovative technologies here influencing local economies around the world to encourage communities to create their own products … Read More

How Big is the Global Recycling Industry?

Recyclers, are the lifeblood of the Tradr platform. These guys are the legends of “closing the loop” and preventing new consumer products from ending in landfill or the incinerator. They help bring added value to these unwanted materials by breaking … Read More

What Are Sustainable Producers?

Sustainable producers will create the products of the future. Imagine a future where there is double the population currently on the Earth, where finite resources such as water, non-renewable energy, raw materials are stretched to limit to sustain life as … Read More

Sustainable Product Spotlight – Adidas Shoes made from Sea Plastic

In mid-2017 Adidas released 3 editions of their popular UltraBoost running shoes. All of the material used to make these great looking shoes was sourced from floating debris found in the ocean. This is a great example of a producer collaborating … Read More

What is the Circular Economy?

Tradr’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to Sustainable Consumption and Production. This is the first post in our Tradr Foundation Series, that will elaborate the concepts of the linear and circular economic models: What is the Circular Economy? … Read More