Tradr's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable consumption and production

Over the next 30 years the world’s population will hit nearly 10 billion people and will require 3 planets worth of resources to sustain current lifestyles. We aim to move people away from wasteful, polluting, environmentally inefficient products into ones that are sustainably produced, can be repurposed, re-used and recycled.

The Tradr marketplace will utilise blockchain technology to provide a trusted marketplace that will assist sustainable producers for environmental certification, data collection, analysis and reporting. Our mobile dapp will educate buyers on the benefits of sustainable products during the product selection process and encourage individuals to reduce waste via reselling/repurposing their unwanted products within our p2p marketplace.

We welcome your involvement in our community. Stay tuned for educational resources on how you can help the Sustainable Consumption and Production movement and we will keep you information over 2018 with the release of our whitepaper, roadmap and marketplace launch.

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Product Design for a Circular Economy

One of the unfortunate repercussions of Australia’s culture of consumption is the amount of valuable material that goes to landfill each year, from household products reaching the end of their useful life. Typically, furniture, appliances and electronic devices are designed with … Read More

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Sustainable Product Spotlight – Bikes Made From 100% Recycled Material

Whilst on your mission to achieve 100% recycled 0% waste and globally enable the circular economy, you have to have a break and do something fun. Live a little. Try going for a cruise on one of these bikes made … Read More

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Aussie Government Mandates 100% Reusable or Recycled Packaging by 2025

Another day, another recycling crisis headline for Australia. On Friday, the 27th April 2018, the Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg announced that the way out of Australia’s “Recycling Crisis” is to mandate that all packaging be sustainable by 2025. Other … Read More

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